Best Walking Canes in UK

As you begin to get older, there is a good chance that you’re going to face more and more difficulties. Your body will begin to wear down and this will make it difficult for you to complete a wide assortment of mundane tasks. Depending on your state, there is a possibility that you cannot walk around without assistance. This is where a good walking cane will enter the picture. A walking cane can be a great aid. It’ll provide you with the assistance that you need, while still allowing you to maintain your independence. Within this guide, you will learn more about the market’s best walking canes.

Top 5 Best Walking Canes in UK 2021
Hurrycane All-Terrain Cane Folding Walking Stick Adjustable Foldable
Hurrycane All-Terrain Cane Folding Walking Stick Adjustable Foldable
If there is one thing you can say about most walking sticks, it is that they work great when you are simply just walking or standing. However, they are extremely inefficient when it comes to climbing stairs or getting up from the recliner. Fortunately, when you invest in the Hurrycane All-Terrain Cane this is something that you will never have to worry about. This cane isn’t called an All-Terrain stick just to make it sound appealing. It really can handle any type of situation throw at it.

Provides Superior Balance And Support
It has already been established that this is a well-balanced cane that can handle a variety of different terrains. However, you should know that it does this by utilizing three points of contact. On the bottom of the stick you will notice three different stabilizing and balancing pads that provide superior balance and stability. In fact, this cane was designed in the same manner that the human foot functions. Whether you find yourself sitting, walking, or climbing stairs, the three points of contact will give you the traction that you need to get where you are going in a hurry.

Take Advantage Of The Eight Different Height Settings
Unfortunately, everyone isn’t created the same. Some individuals are taller, whereas others are short and stubby. Whatever your physique or stature, it really won’t matter with the Hurrycane All-Terrain Cane. The can comes equipped with eight easy to adjust height levels. With the simple push of a button you can easily switch between the eight different height settings to find the one that suits you. The height levels range from 30-½ inches to 37-½ inches.


  • Choose between eight different height settings
  • Designed to function like the human foot
  • Three points of contact provide users with superior support and balance<l/i>
  • Folds up for easy and convenient storage purposes
  • Bottom pads might wear out quicker than expected

Overall Assessment
When it comes to canes, you will not find one more versatile, reliable, or dependable than the Hurrycane All-Terrain Cane. The height levels range from 30-½ inches to 37-½ inches, making it suitable for all age groups and body statures.

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Aluminium Quad Cane Walking Aid
Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Aluminum Quad Cane
Unfortunately, over time the human body tends to breakdown and experience medical problems. One day you might be able to climb stairs just fine and the next you might have an extremely difficult time doing so. Maybe you are recovering from an old knee injury and just need a little assistance getting around while you are recuperating. Well, whatever the situation is, it really won’t matter when you invest in the Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Aluminum Quad Cane.

Extremely Lightweight Design
Most people associate heft and weight with durability and quality. However, that is not always the case. If you are already injured or having a hard time getting around the last thing you want is to lug around a heavy walking stick. While the Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Cane is extremely lightweight, it is built with aluminum. Aluminum is without a doubt a very durable metal that can stand up to some of the harshest environments and treatments, even though it is extremely light in weight.


  • Extremely lightweight design
  • Adjustable height
  • Curved neck design allows users to put their weight directly over the shaft
  • The four feet at the base offer extreme stability and support
  • Doesn’t fold, which makes transportation and storage tougher

Overall Assessment
With its lightweight design, adjustable height, and affordable price, you really cannot beat the Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Aluminum Quad Cane. This handy, durable, and reliable cane can handle just about any type of situation imaginable.

Bago Travel Adjustable Walking Cane
Bago Travel Adjustable Walking Cane
Everyone needs assistance every now and then, especially the elderly and injured. This is where a Bago Travel Adjustable Walking Cane will come into play, as it is designed to prevent loss of balance and falls. The walking can is constructed from aluminum, which is both durable and lightweight. If you need assistance with ambulating, you should look no further than this walking stick.

LED Safety Light
The ergonomically designed handle is integrated with an LED light. This light helps users locate the walking stick in low light conditions. The LED is designed to deliver a long-lasting, bright light, so you will not need to worry about replacing it for a very long time.

The Bago Walking Cane is available with both a gold and Chmp2 finish that resembles copper. The cane is stylish, so it will not only blend in with your attire, but also capture the attention of everyone you meet.

Safety Wristband
There is nothing more frightening and dangerous than dropping a walking stick. This action will leave you vulnerable and at risk for falls. To prevent this from happening, Bago included its walking can with a wristband. You simply wrap the wristband around your wrist and will never again need to worry about losing your cane. This will give you the freedom to walk around all types of surfaces, without be concerned of losing your best safety resource.

Foldable Design
The foldable design allows you to store the walking can in your backpack, briefcase or any small compartment. In fact, it folds up to only 6.7 inches in length, which is the perfect size for a compact storage. This compact size will also allow you to transport the walking can on an airplane with you. You can just slide it under your chair until you are ready to start ambulating again.


  • Foldable design (6.7 inches in length)
  • Suitable for all age groups (37.8 inches in length)
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • LED safety light for easy location
  • More color available would be nice
  • Battery compartment needs improvement

Overall Assessment
The Bago Walking Cane offers stability for individuals with balance problems and lower body injuries. The cane is the perfect length for most everyone. Plus, it folds up so you can store it in a compact compartment. The base provides immense stability, even on rough surfaces.

BeGrit Folding Walking Cane
BeGrit Folding Walking Cane
The BeGrit Folding Walking Cane is exactly what you need to ensure your safety when ambulating. The cane is designed to offer comfort, durability and longevity. Plus, it can withstand weights up to 250 pounds, which is something that some of the competitors cannot guarantee.

Bright LED
To help you locate the walking cane in low light conditions, BeGrit integrated a LED in the handle. The LED delivers a bright, white light for an extended period of time. LEDs operate on efficiency, so you will not need to worry about replacing the batteries for many months.

Nonslip Tip
Protecting your floors is extremely important, especially when you are walking with a cane. To help you do just that, the BeGrit Walking Cane is equipped with a rubber tip. The tip is not only shock resistant, but also offers nonslip and non-marking protections.


  • Rubber tip (non-marking, slip resistant and shock resistant)
  • Lightweight design
  • LED embedded into the handle
  • Adjustable height (34 to 39 inches)
  • FoldaConsble design for easy storage
    • Base may loosen and fall off
    • Some people may find folding the cane difficult
Overall Assessment
The BeGrit Walking Cane is the solution to poor balance. The cane is designed with the consumer in mind, as it offers everything to ensure safety during ambulation, standing and sitting.

Soles Foldable Cane Walking Stick
Soles Foldable Cane Walking Stick
If you’re looking for an incredibly affordable folding cane, you should definitely check out the Soles Foldable Cane. This cane might be affordable, but it offers a wealth of benefits. For instance, it is available in an assortment of cool colors. It is also manufactured from high-quality aluminum to ensure it’ll last. The cane is also adjustment.

Capacity And Height
It should be known that the Soles Foldable Cane can be adjusted. It offers heights of 83 to 93 cm. At the same time, it is capable of supporting maximum weighs of 105kg. This combination ensures that this cane should be able to accommodate anyone and everyone. If you’re looking for a good foldable cane, this one is certainly well worth checking out.


      • Available in many cool colors
      • Very affordable
      • Height adjusts from 83 to 93 cm
      • Can support maximum weighs of 105kg
      • Made from high quality anodized aluminum
      • Comes with wrist strap and carrying bag
      • Height isn’t great for taller individuals

Overall Assessment
The Soles Foldable Cane Walking Stick is great, but it isn’t suitable for taller individuals. As long as you’re short, you’ll love this cane. It works exceptionally well and it looks great. On top of that, it is foldable and affordable.

What to look for when buying a Walking Cane

When attempting to buy a walking cane, it is pertinent to make sure that you get the right one for you. If you make the wrong choice, you’ll likely have a difficult time using the cane. Or, you may not choose one that is capable of supporting your weight. With this in mind, you should use the tips below to ensure you get the right cane for your money.

Types Of Canes

First and foremost, you should understand that there are many different types of canes. There is the folding cane, single point cane and multiple-point cane. Below, you will learn more about each type.

      • Single Point Cane – The single point cane is undoubtedly the most common. It has a single support point at the bottom.
      • Multiple Point Cane – The multiple point cane is very similar to the aforementioned type, but it has one difference. This type of cane has multiple support prongs at the bottom. The multiple-point cane is suitable for individuals who need help keeping themselves balance. The quad cane will have four prongs.
      • Seat Cane – Seat canes are pretty rare, but they can be very beneficial. These medical-grade canes are actually affixed to a seat. This gives the user the ability to sit down and take a break whenever necessary.
      • Folding Cane – Finally, you have the folding cane. This type of cane is idealistic for those that do not need a cane all the time. They can be folding and stored away in a handbag. They may also be adjustable in terms of height.

Handle Types

It is also pertinent to consider the type of handle that you prefer. There are several different types and they’re all unique in one way or another. Below, you’ll learn more about the different types and their perks.

      • Crook Cane – The crook-style handle is the most common. The hook shape makes life easier, since you’ll also be able to hang the cane up when you’re done using it. The design also makes this type of cane so much easier to use.
      • Offset Cane – The offset cane actually resembles a question mark. This type of design is great for helping the user distribute their body weight over the shaft. In return, this can make using the cane slightly more comfortably.
      • T-Handle Cane – The t-handle cane features a T-shape at the very top. This type of cane is best for individuals with hand weakness. It can reduce the stress placed on their hand, while also limiting fatigue.
      • Fritz Cane – Finally, you have the Fritz shape handle. This type is almost identical to the T-handle, but it has an additional curve. This design can help remove pressure on the fingers and hands. It is a good choice for individuals suffering from arthritis.

Getting The Right Size

It is pertinent to make sure that you get the right size of cane. Medical canes can be adjusted, so it will be easy to get the perfect height. Using a cane of the wrong height can create significant problems, including pain in the shoulder and back. This is why it is often a good idea to give the cane a try, before making the purchase.

Getting A Good Material

Finally, it is wise to make sure that your investment is going to be worth it. This is why you need to get the best cane that money can buy. Most canes are manufactured from wood or aluminum. Aluminum tends to be better for heavier users. Nevertheless, both are pretty reliable. However, if you want a quad cane, you’ll need to stick with aluminum. Wood is generally only available in single-point canes.

Difference Between Walking Cane And Walking Stick

Walking canes and sticks generally share the same purposes. They help reduce pain, reduce the risk of falls and restore confidence in the user. Nevertheless, there are some differences. Generally, walking canes are used for medical purposes, whereas walking sticks may be used leisurely. There is also a good chance that insurance and Medicare will pay for a walking cane. They will not pay for a walking stick. Walking canes also tend to be more complex and additional features, such as lights, may be available. Walking sticks are usually basic.

Canes And Walking Sticks – Great Items Not Just For The Elderly

Canes and walking sticks have surely become fashionable items today, and are not exclusively for the use of the elderly or the injured. Today, you’ll find a wide array of designs, ranging from decorative, designer and collector-item canes and walking sticks.

Just bear in mind that bringing a cane or walking stick doesn’t have to mean you’ll look old or out of fashion. These items have been in vogue since the 17th and 18th centuries, always being dignified and useful items. The perfect choice can add a look of sophistication to your appearance as you stroll along.

We used to be stuck with the notion that canes and walking sticks were only meant for use by the elderly, or by those who are recuperating from a back or pelvic injury, as well as those who have constant back pain or are suffering from osteoporosis. Now these useful items are available in a wide array of modern and fancy styles, and also come in varying degrees of colors, designs and materials.

Great For Self-defense As Well
Yes, walking sticks and canes make for a great self-defense tool today. While you may have seen a few TV or comic book superheroes make good use of a walking stick or cane, some walking sticks are actually designed to be potent weapons for self-preservation. Special canes that are made from blackthorn wood and other hard wood varieties are great for use as an attack stick, where you can whip a flurry of heavy punches to an unsuspecting opponent. You can also use these items to ward off animals or reptiles when walking in the woods.

Fitting Your Walking Cane

According to WHO approximately 28-35% of people who are aged 65 and above fall each year and are treated in hospital for injuries. A walking stick or walking cane can help those reducing those number, however, it′s important to make sure people use walking cane safely.

  1. Ask someone in your family to help measure you for a walking cane. This allows you to stand straight to ensure you have correct measurement. Even if the measurement is out by few centimeters can make a difference with your comfort as well as safety when using a walking cane.
  2. Make sure you are wearing the shoes before you take the measurement.
  3. Determine in which hand you will be using your walking cane. If you have injuries on your right side then use cane in your left hand. And if you have injuries or weakness on left side then use cane in your right hand. You should also take in consideration, If you have arthritis or weakness in one hand. If your don't have any weaker side then use cane in your left hand (if you are right handed person) so that your dominant hand is free for doing work.
  4. When you have decided in which hand you will be using your cane, stand up straight and hold your arms loosely by your sides. Bend your arm (the arm that you will be using to hold the cane) at the elbow approximately 30 degrees. If this is your right arm then from the side this bend will look like you are pointing your hand to 5 o’clock, if your shoulder is 12 o’clock and the floor is 6 o’clock.
  5. Ask someone to take the measure from the floor to wrist of the arm that is bent. Measure the wrist at the point where it joins your arm on the under side. This point on your wrist is the height at which your cane handle will meet your hand. The measurement from the floor to the underside of your wrist tells you how long your walking cane should be for best fist

How to use walking cane properly

  • Hold the walking cane in the hand on your better side so that is provides support to your weaker side
  • Take a step with your weaker side leg and bring the cane forward at the same time. Move the cane and affected leg forward together.
  • Lean your weight through the arm holding the walking cane as needed
  • Always have the weaker leg assume the first full weight-bearing step on level surfaces
  • The walking cane should be moved the distance of one average step forward with each move. You should not feel that you are stretching to catch up to the cane or stepping ahead of it.
  • Some cane users tend to slouch or walk hunched over while staring at the ground, which isn’t helpful to muscles and can make pain worse.

If you are using the cane for general mobility rather than an injury, hold the cane using your dominant hand and bear weight on this side of your body. If you are working with a physical therapist due to an injury, he or she may have a specific cane-walking plan different from this one.

Combine a folding chair with a cane and you have the folding cane seat

This folding seat walking cane might just help you be more comfortable while getting the exercise you need to get stronger. Some physical conditions cause terrible pain in the legs after walking a short distance. One such condition is peripheral artery disease (PAD). Unfortunately one of the treatments for this condition is to walk; so a cane seat is invaluable for the resting intervals needed to overcome the bouts of leg pain during exercise.

If you suffer from bouts of leg pain or exhaustion while walking, I'm so sorry, and I hope you can feel better soon. Others may really appreciate this type of seat if it lets them just spend more time doing things they love while on the go. People use these walking cane seats while either watching or participating in some sports.
best walking canes 2018

Three Feet are Better than One?

Note that one sits on it by straddling the seat; which could be a problem for women who prefer to wear dresses.The manufacturer recommends sitting straddle for best balance. Also that position places the handle in front which helps balance while sitting or rising.This type of cane seat is good for those who have enough strength in their legs to lift themselves out of a chair with their legs.

Users have noted that walking with this cane seat is not identical to walking with a regular cane. When folded up,it has 3 feet to create a rolling gate.This isn't hard to get used to - just different.Some mentioned that the seat is a bit stiff to move into position. A lubricant might help that problem.

Vintage and Collectible Walking Canes

Many people look back fondly on the "good old days" of their youth. So much so that we often forget the realities of our childhood and teen years.

We may also remember fondly the clothing, furniture and household goods that were "bought to last", unlike the built-in obsolescence of many modern items. A well-made and stylish item was usually expensive, but seemed to be worth the inital outlay of cash. For whatever reason, vintage and antique items have become increasingly popular in the last few years.

There is some confusion and debates about terms like "antique" and "vintage". I can't resolve the debates, but I can give a few useful guidelines. An antique is usually thought of as a collectible item, with a high monetary value because of its age, usually more than 100 years.

The term vintage comes from wine-growing. You'll often hear people talk about the year a wine was produced - "this year was a particularly good vintage". More generally, we use the term to refer to something of good quality that was produced a few years ago, such as a vintage car, or to something representing the best of its kind, such as a classic novel.

Vintage-style or antiqued items are probably pretty new, but designed to look old. Don't be fooled! Having said that, everything was new once upon a time. An interesting new item could still be collectible, and could become the vintage or antique item of the future.

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