How to stay motivated to exercise

Motivation is a key factor for success. Finding how to stay motivated to exercise probably will be the hardest part for everyone in the journey to physical fitness.

Some time ago a big nutrition company made a survey. The survey was about how long it takes for an average person to quit attending a gym. The results showed that the average person quits attending gym after approximately three months from the moment he started. The results are what they are due to the lack of motivation he or she experiences.

If you are passionate about something and desire to achieve your goals, one day or another you will get there. Passion is the greatest force that drives us forward. It helps us not only to achieve our fitness goals but our goals in life. Passion and self belief stands behind every great achievement in the history of mankind. Imagine the goal you want to achieve and constantly work until you get there. David Goggins once said “If you can’t see yourself doing something, you can’t achieve it”

Only you can set your goals and find your passion. I believe that the best goals you can set for yourself are goals that can never be really achieved. Let me explain. If you set a goal to burn your belly fat and get a six pack sooner or later you will have a six pack. This is where your motivation ends. However, if you set a goal to be fit and healthy you will have the motivation to work hard for it and it will never end because you can always be more fit and healthier. If you can’t find passion in what you are doing – don’t even start doing it

Here is my list of 7 tips how to stay motivated to exercise

1. Find out why is it important for you to be fit and healthy

You can’t start doing something without knowing why you do it. You can apply this to almost everything in life, not only fitness. Think about why do you want to change your lifestyle, what’s wrong with it now? There is a different reason for everyone. Try to dig as deep as you can. The more you find out, the easier it will be to stay motivated to exercise.

2. Do what you love

Being fit is not only being physically fit, but also having mental wellness. Never do something that you hate or get bored really fast. Lifting weights is probably the best muscle building strategy, but if you do it only because you believe that it will help you achieve your goals faster and in reality you hate to lift weights and rather train with body-weight exercises, then change your workout strategy immediately. Your training results are closely connected with your mental health. If you are doing something with reluctance the results won’t be as good as they would if you where doing it with joy and pleasure.

3. Don’t train alone

The best way to keep your training fresh and stay motivated to exercise is to train in a group. Either it’s together with your friends or in a gym with complete strangers. Interaction with other people will make the time go faster. Your training shouldn’t always be with a strict schedule. Sometimes it’s good to have fun – play some games, compete and challenge each other while having a superb workout. Make sure that your training partners are at least as motivated to work out as you are. They will push you and keep you motivated.

4. Mix it up

Don’t do the same thing all the time. Try to compile your weekly training routine from different kinds of activities you like. Different activities and workouts will help you concentrate and make you more physically versatile. Sometimes it’s not bad to take a break from a strict training schedule and listen to yourself. Do what you want to do.

There is another benefit from making slight changes in your training routine. If you keep doing the same exercises after a while you will “hit a wall” – your progress will slow down or completely stop. Even slight changes in your training routine can give the necessary challenge your body needs to develop further.

5. Set you goals

Always make sure that you have something to reach for. Set some realistic short-term and long-term goals. It’s important for staying motivated to exercise. Reaching the short-term goals will make you believe in yourself and will help to maintain the motivation for reaching the long-term goals. Never start training without knowing where you want to go, or you will lose your interest and focus. Doing something without a goal equals failure.

6. Keep a track of your success

It’s always interesting to look back and see how your results have changed. It doesn’t matter if you take photos or make notes about your daily success. The main thing is that you can see your progress. It will not only help you to tweak your training program accordingly to your success but it will also help to maintain your interest and motivation for further fitness goals.

7. Don’t rush

If you are a fitness newbie, don’t rush your training. Start slowly and build your strength and confidence step by step. Don’t try to copy what experienced athletes are doing. You will end up injuring yourself or losing interest because you will feel that it is too hard for you to master. If you’re not a pro athlete you don’t need to squeeze everything out of you. You should have fun and satisfaction while training.

I hope this helps you to stay motivated to exercise.

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