How To Be Happy Despite Your Anxiety

Unhappy right now? What actually is happiness? Why do we chase happiness and is happiness the meaning of life? Here’s some answers for you!

As a human being, I’m always looking at ways to improve my over all happiness. After all, who actually wants to be unhappy? Whether it comes to home life, work life or your hobbies there’s always room for improvement.

See, when it comes to anxiety, it can really affect your happiness, too. It decreases your self-worth, confidence and self esteem – leading to a general bleak outlook on life. We don’t what that now do we?!

Below you’ll find my best tips on being happy despite your anxiety.

Unhappy right now? What actually is happiness? Why do we chase happiness and is happiness the meaning of life? Here’s some answers for you!

What is happiness?

I asked a friend of mine, Dianne, what happiness means to her. She described happiness as feeling elated, smiley, satisfied and content. I’d say that’s a pretty good description!

Doing a quick Google search brings up 58 million results – there’s a lot of discussion around happiness, that’s for sure! Happiness is often referred to by feelings, but can also be measured by “life satisfaction, appreciation of life, moments of pleasure, but overall it has to do with the positive experience of emotions” (Psychology Today).

Now that you know what happiness actually means, how happy are you right now?

Now that you know what happiness actually means, how happy are you right now? Maybe you’re feeling anxious, lack in confidence, feel down a lot, or maybe your depressed? All of these feelings and emotions contribute to your overall feeling of being happy.

What is causing you unhappiness?

The next step to consider is what is causing your unhappiness. This is either going to be really easy for you, or really tough.

To help you out, you might want to consider using a Wheel of Life. This exercise allows you to evaluate all aspects of your life and find out what area you can work on. Mind Tools has a handy download and explanation here.

The idea is that your life multi-faceted and involves 10 areas. Here is what mine looks like:

You score each area of your life out of 10, and the results give you a great visual representation of where you may want to focus your energy.

Making a commitment to improving those areas is down to you, but could be the start of something big for you.

The power of your mind – thinking happy thoughts

So now that we’ve covered what happiness is and what might cause you unhappiness, let’s get started into what you can do to improve this.

I’d like to do a little exercise with you right now that I currently go through with my life coaching clients. I find it really useful in showing you how much control you really have over your own feelings.

Do give this a go if you can. Ideally I’d like you to shut your eyes for each of these moments to really hone in on the feelings they conjure up.

First – Can you think about a time that caused immense pain, suffering or anxiety? What caused that feeling? Where were you? If you could put a name to that situation what would it be?

Spend a few moments thinking about this. Once you have the answers to those questions, move on to below.

Second – now I want you to think about a time when you felt elated, happy and content. A timer where you felt ecstatic even. What situation was this? What word would you use to describe this feeling it brings?

Spend some more time considering this situation and please take it seriously.

You’ve controlled your emotions! You are not out of control, you’ve just proven to yourself that you can control how you feel.

On both of these occasions (if you did it properly!), you’ve gone from feeling down, depressed and sad based on a situation you’ve experienced in the past, to a happy feeling. That’s within the space of about 30 seconds.

You’ve controlled your emotions! You are not out of control, you’ve just proven to yourself that you can control how you feel.


Now, thinking happy thoughts may be hard when you suffer with anxiety. But that little exercise you’ve just done has shown you that you can feel happy, correct?

The power of your mind is incredible. Use this exercise when you doubt yourself or when you’re struggling to stay positive. Use the next few pointers to stick on the positive side and you’re well on your way to being happy, despite your anxiety.

Keep a happiness journal

A good blogger friend of mine, Michelle, writes all about finding happiness. Her blog inspired this particular point today, as until I read her blog, I didn’t know a happiness journal even existed.

But they do! Here’s how to get started.

The idea is though, is that you collate everything that makes you happy into one place. It helps you pay more attention to the good things in your life, rather than the bad stuff. The more you use it, the more of a shift you’ll see in the way you think.


It’s very clever!

Consider this if you enjoy cutting, sticking, drawing or writing, and really make it into a habit. The change in your mind-set might surprise you!

The crime of comparison

Okay – comparison is not actually a crime, but it might as well be when it comes to your happiness. Comparison is easy in our high-tech social-media-ry world (yes I just made that word up). We see beautiful images daily, and read about people’s perfect lives.

Dropping this will make you happier, very quickly. Promise. What you can do right now to make quick changes:

  • Drop the social media for a while, especially before bed
  • ALWAYS remember that people don’t share the bad times in their life. Nor do you, probably. You want everyone to see the best bits, like some kinda film. Don’t take everything you read on Facebook seriously.
  • DO NOT compare your middle to someone’s end. When someone’s promising 6 figure salaries by selling products (if more money would make you happy), it takes years to get there. Focus on yourself!

Those are just three tips to make yourself feel happier quickly. Remember these whenever you feel like your comparing yourself to other people. It’ll get you nowhere – and we want you to be happy, not sad!


Dwell on the achievements

How many times have you put yourself down for doing something stupid? I’m guessing quite a lot (—–> ME). It’s easily done though, isn’t it? Our brains are trained from a young age to seek to achieve and when we do bad, we hate ourselves for it.

Those tests at school, the exams through college, the failed job interviews, you name it – we remember it. Know why?

It’s because our older, primitive, and less developed brains used failure and fear as a way of keeping us out of danger. That dodgy neighbour in the cave next door tried to attack you (OK run with this will you) so who’s saying the one on the other site might do too?

That’s why it’s much harder to remember the good times than the bad. And that’s why you should dwell on all the good things you do too!

If it helps, write it down! That happiness journal would be perfect for that.

There you go!

Being happy means a lot to a lot of people. We’re always striving for that moment when we’re truly happy. These tips will surely help you along the way.

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