Fruit Diet Plan For Weight Loss – Benefits and Risk

One of the biggest problems with losing weight is finding a diet that someone can enjoy.  Many people have a serious addiction to sweets and the idea of cutting these out forever can be daunting.  There are a number of effective diet options which will help someone lose weight but many of these will focus on weight loss alone.  A fruit diet plan is great because it contributes to someone’s overall health and can be quite enjoyable.  Following a diet based around fruit is fairly simple and almost anyone can get started right away.

Why follow a fruit diet plan?

Following a diet which is based around fruit has a number of benefits over other diet plans.  One of the main benefits is that a fruit diet is much simpler.  Many diet plans can be complicated and can quickly confuse someone who is new to weight loss.  Fruits are readily available at any supermarket and the main concept behind the diet is simply eating them.

Fruit is also extremely nutritious and beneficial for the body.  The natural pigments in things such as blueberries and strawberries are called phytonutrients and are wonderful sources of antioxidants.  These ingredients can help clean the blood stream and will remove a number of dangerous cancer causing materials.  The high amounts of vitamins present in different fruits also make them a wonderful source of much needed fuel.

Another benefit to fruits is that they are high in both water and fiber.  These two ingredients, when combined together, actually create a wonderful natural laxative.  Most people will be carrying around a significant amount of waste matter inside their bodies.  While the natural processes of the digestive tract will remove most of it, there is always some remaining.  Eating a lot of fruit will help clear this out of someone’s digestive system which makes them both healthier and better able to absorb nutrients and vitamins.

The most obvious benefit, however, is that fruits are simply delicious.  No matter what someone’s tastes may be, they will be able to find a number of fruits which they enjoy eating.  This can be absolutely perfect for someone with a serious sweet tooth.  Fruits are also generally low in calories so someone can eat a lot of them and still be eating far fewer calories than they did before.  Eating fewer calories is the key to losing body fat.

How to consume the fruit

There are two main ways to consume fruit on a diet like this.  The first is the simplest and consists of just eating the fruit as someone normally would.  It can be eaten whole, cut up or even mixed with other fruits to create a salad.  This is the best option for most people because it requires the least amount of work.  The other method is often called “juicing” and consists of running the fruit through a juicer and drinking the results.  This can be great but it can also be time consuming and messy.

Simply eating the fruit is the best way to get the most fiber.  Different parts of the fruit will have more fiber than other parts and many of these aren’t used when making juice.  Things such as the skin on the apple or the fibers of a papaya are great for cleaning out the digestive system.  This method is also perfect for anyone who is extremely busy as they can grab a piece of fruit and eat it when they have time.  It requires very little planning.

Juicing can be incredibly beneficial as well because someone will be able to consume more raw juice than they would if they simply ate the fruit.  While this method may not offer as much raw fiber, it will still be effective at cleaning out the digestive system.  A good juicer is the most important part of this method.  Blenders simply will not work.  The best kind of juicer is called a masticator because it will grind up the fruit as if it was eating it.  These will often move a bit slower because the heat generated by blender blades will actually remove some of the nutrients.  Juice can be made and kept in the refrigerator for a few days.

No matter what method someone may choose, however, it is extremely important to thoroughly clean the fruit before consuming it.  Many different kinds of produce are covered in pesticides and will often be sprayed with some sort of wax to help it stay fresh in the store.  Organic produce should also be cleaned.  While it may not contain pesticides it will often be covered in dirt and “natural fertilizer” which is basically manure.

Following a fruit diet plan

Unlike some diets, most fruit diet plans will be meant as a cleanse.  This means that they aren’t really designed to be followed for extended periods of time.  The human body isn’t designed to live solely off of fruit so it isn’t particularly healthy to rely on them for someone’s entire diet.  Most fruit diets will be followed for anywhere from 1 to 7 days or for a few days out of the week or month.

Following a diet like this is simply a matter of having plenty of fruit on hand.  Someone should eat whatever fruit they want whenever they are hungry for the duration of the diet.  Juicing, because of the work involved, will likely be done only at meal times with raw fruit in between.  Anyone who is exercising, particularly if they are lifting weights, may want to supplement their fruit diet with either lean meat protein or a protein shake as this will help prevent the loss of muscle mass.

A word of warning: Fruits are sweet because they contain sugar.   This may be natural sugar but it can still affect someone’s blood sugar levels.  Anyone who is diabetic should speak to their doctor before considering a diet like this.

Finding an effective diet which is easy to follow can be quite complicated.  Many diets, even the popular ones, can be confusing to someone who is new to weight loss.  Following a fruit diet plan is often the perfect solution because it is such a simple concept.  Fruits are extremely beneficial to the human body.  They can deliver vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants while cleaning out the digestive system at the same time.  Fruits can be consumed whole or made into a juice.  By following a diet like this for even a few days, most people will notice significant differences in the way they look and feel.

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