8 Problems Early Bird Exercisers Will Understand

Stretching out

No one said being a fit mom was easy, probably because it isn’t. Making time for your own health and fitness on top of everything else going on is doable, but tough. One way to squeeze workouts in is to do it as early in the morning as possible, and since only 1% of people (totally made up statistic) are really and truly morning people, getting up and out early is kind of hard. If you’re an early bird exerciser (or working towards it) these probably sound familiar.

  1. Putting your feet on the freezing cold floor. Okay, this isn’t morning workout specific but it’s brutal and it warrants a spot on the list.
  2. Just having one cup of coffee.  One cup of coffee before working out is fine, even great, but some mornings seem to require multiple cups.  The problem with multiple cups of coffee?  You’ll be stopping your workout for multiple bathroom breaks.
  3. Falling over a few times.  It can take even the most well-rested of us a little while to get going in the morning, and the same goes for your sense of balance.  Good luck getting into tree pose on your first try in the morning.
  4. The delicate balance of breakfast.  It’s a well-known fact that you should eat breakfast every day and that you need to fuel your workouts, but working out on a stomach full of eggs and oatmeal might not feel so great while you’re bouncing around the gym.  Figure out what works best for you, but make sure you eat something!
  5. Making the switch from warm and toasty jammies to not so warm and toasty workout gear.  Getting out of your jammies is never any fun, but shimmying into some skintight workout capris or a pair of running shorts is so unfun that it might make you think twice.  Well, no matter how unfun it is, suck it up and put that tank top on!
  6. So stiff.  Anyone else feel a million years old when they wake up?  It’s hard enough brushing the back of your hair when your arms are early morning stiff, but overhead tricep extensions?  Yikes!  Make sure you warm up before you start your workout, your body will thank you.
  7. Not so fast.  Let’s be honest, most of us move pretty slow in the morning, which means rest time and time between sets can increase if we don’t keep a close eye on the clock.
  8. Have I mentioned it’s cold?  As I write this, it’s 25 degrees in Boston, and it was 17 degrees when I went to spinning at 7am (see, practice what you preach), and scientifically speaking that’s wicked cold.  So cold that it’s super easy to sneak back into bed, but you must resist the urge!

After reading this list you might be thinking “morning workouts, no thank you!”, but believe it or not the Skinny Mom team is very pro morning workout sessions!  There’s something to be said for getting it out of the way and setting a healthy tone for the day.

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