water and health

Healthy Hydration: Water and Your Health

Water and health go hand in hand.  60% of your body weight is water But have you ever wondered what all that water actually does? Some of waters most important functions in your body include: Moistens tissues including your mouth, eyes, nasal passages, digestive tract and membranes in your urinary and reproductive tract. Enables minerals and other nutrients to dissolve and be transported around your body Carries red and white blood cells around your blood …

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8 simple ways to improve gut health

Gut health is a topic that is all over the place today and with good reason, our digestive systems are in serious need of improvement. With the standard western diet, GMO’s, depleted soil, and over use of antibiotics, our guts don’t stand a chance. If you are like me, sometimes there is just too much to read on the subject. I am there with you and hate feeling overwhelmed and doomed by all the things …

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