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Reclining chairs are not just for your leisure. Although most people think that at work you need to be alert and awake, and a reclining chair may help you to doze off, actually it is not entirely true. For people whose work involve sitting in front of the computer or at the work desk for the whole day, an office chair recliner is almost a necessity. This can save you from menaces like muscle fatigue and back pain, both of which can be pretty bothering. It is also important for the body posture which suffers heavily due to constant stasis during work hours.

Why Choose a Recliner Chair?

A recliner chair provide support to the whole body. It includes parts and features like the neck, head, back and hand support that will soothe your muscles while you are slogging at work. Your body muscles often tend to become knotty because of too much stress and strain. Even this situation can be avoided with the help of a reclining chair. It gives you the facility to relax and rejuvenate yourself even when you are overworked. This can boost your creativity and productivity to a great extent. This is the primary reason why many people are opting for reclining chairs for their offices and homes. Recliner chairs are especially useful for those who need to sit for a longer duration, as you can keep changing the your position, which stops you from getting uncomfortable and sore.

  • Recliners let you get your feet up and lie back for a rest
  • Reclining chairs can ensure you are correctly supported along all points of your body
  • Postural variation is a critical function of patient care seating, including the ability to recline. For elderly patients, reclining chairs that adjust and recline easily and don’t require a patient to exert much pressure are essential.
  • Since aging comes complications, physical mental, seniors require achieve comfort. Recliner chairs are perfect for elderly people, especially sitting due various musculoskeletal problems.
  • It relieves pregnancy pain. The recliner takes the weight off of the front carriage of the pregnant woman’s body and helps to line up her center of gravity.

Quick Comparison Chart

For those who are in hurry can check out our top recliner chairs in UK for 2021 in below comparison chart. If you’d like details on any model, click on the links in the table to read our full reviews.

ProductTypeFabricSize (H X W X D)Our RatingPrices
Two PositionBonded Leather103 x 9 7 x 92 cmCheck Prices
The Oldbury - Riser Recliner / Lift & Tilt Chair
The Oldbury - Riser Recliner / Lift & Tilt Chair
Riser ReclinerBonded Leather109 x 82 x 91 cm Check Prices
Two positionBonded Leather103 x 9 7 x 92 cmCheck Prices
FoxHunter Bonded Leather Massage Cinema Recliner
FoxHunter Bonded Leather Massage Cinema Recliner
Massage chair with SwivelBonded Leather112 x 87 x 93 cmCheck Prices
Riser ReclinerBonded Leather86 x 76 x 78 cmCheck Prices
CINEMO 9 in 1 Leather Recliner Chair
CINEMO 9 in 1 Leather Recliner Chair
RockerBonded Leather106 x 86 x 96 cmCheck Prices
Massage chairBonded Leather106 x 86 x 96 cm Check Prices
Riva Dual motor electric riser and recliner chair
Riva Dual motor electric riser and recliner chair
Riser ReclinerBonded Leather105 x 91 x 97 cmCheck Prices

Choosing the best recliner chair

You are likely to get several options when you go to buy an recliner chair. Some contain added features which make the chairs more useful. These can be adjusted and modified to suit individual needs. From erect to incline to almost flat, there are three levels that are available. Moreover there are levers that will enable you to fix the chair in one position. For instance when you intend to sit straight you can fix the back so that it is properly supported while you are working. Much in the same way, some chairs will have handles that allow you to fix the height of the arm rest. You can modify all these features according to your convenience.

Reclining chairs come in various shapes and sizes. For the general office area where there is generally a space crunch, you can go for smaller chairs that will not take up enough room. Small chairs don’t necessarily mean fewer facilities. If you are careful about what you are buying, you can get all the features you want. While buying chairs for cabins, or private work areas, you can opt for the bigger ones. These have a taller back rest and hence can give you a good amount of relaxation if you are too stressed out.

Unsure of which electric recliner to choose? No idea where to start? The following brief introduction of whats available among the electric recliner selection should help you find what you are after.

Two position reclining chairs A two-position reclining chair has a reading position, a sitting position, and a standing or lifted position. A two position recliner will recline to an approximately 45-degree angle. These are fine for sitting, but generally not too great to sleep in. You can usually choose anywhere up to a 45 degree angle with these recliner lift chairs as well. From a sitting to a standing position, most of the the work is done by a chair, so not much effort is required on your part. Using the provided hand controls you operate the motor, and control the lift and recline functions. These models come in a variety of fabrics and styles, and are the most economical. If you are tight on the budget then the two position recline chair may be the best option for you.

Three position reclining chairs A three-position recliners has a reading position (which is a slight recline), a recline position which is sometimes called a napping position, a sitting position, and a lifted position. It is NOT a full recline. For the most comfort, you can choose just about every angle between a flat position, and an upright seated one. With the three position recliner lift chairs, the footrest normally also moves in conjunction with the reclining movement, so it will lower and raise as you lift yourself up or recline. Very much like the two position recliner lift chairs, it will take you from standing to a seated position very easily, and they are motorized, and operated via hand controls.This is the largely the most popular category for an lift chairs with a broad range of features, styles and prices to meet everyone’s budget and needs.

Infinite position reclining chairs For the full recline position which elevates the feet above the heart, choose Infinite Position lift chairs recliners. This recliners have twin motors which allow you to control the back and footrest independently, and they recline completely, allowing you to use the chair for sleeping. The actions you do with the chair itself can be done separately, such as raising and lowering the footrest. With this in mind, you can still sit in a 90 degree upright position and have your feet raised. If you have problems with arthritis or edema, you can raise your feet above your heart which is very helpful. These chairs provide a very comfy sleeping platform since you can operate the feet and back controls independently. These are ideal for you if you’re looking for the most versatile recliners.

Types of Reclining Chairs

The reclining chairs offer different levels of quality in terms of fabric and construction, but the primary factor to consider is how each type of chair reclines.

Rocker Recliners
Rocker recliners works exactly as their name says: This chair recline on arched tracks that allow them to rock back and forth. They are preferred by nursing mothers as it provides comfort for the mother while the back and forth movement relaxes the baby. Rocker recliners generally have several reclining angles. The footrest can be set up, but the back doesn’t have to go all the way back to do so, as is the case with two-position recliners.

Push-back Recliner
This is modern type of reclining chair that does not have a footrest. The person sitting on the chair need to lean back and exert pressure in order to be reclined. The back is the only part of the chair that moves, so it takes up less space than rocker or two-position recliners. The lack of a button or a lever allows these recliners to look like a regular armchair when not in the reclined position.

Swivel recliner
Swivel recliner chairs are practical, comfortable and flexible. They are suitable for people of all sizes and ages and are greatly varied. Basically, they consist of a cushioned chair, usually upholstered with fabric, cloth or leather, on top of a metal or plastic stand. They are great for lounges, living rooms and even private offices. Most swivel recliner chairs come with a separate leg rest which can be shifted according to how tall a person is. However, more expensive models with better design and fir often feature retractable leg rests which can be activated by a lever on the chairs side. The swiveling function allows people to move around more in this seemingly big and heavy piece of furniture. Thus, they usually cost more than the typical recliner chair.this seemingly big and heavy piece of furniture. Thus, they usually cost more than the typical recliner chair.

Riser recliner
Riser recliner chairs are essentially motorized reclining chairs that recline and lift upward, so you can get out of the chair without a lot of effort. You just need to press a button and the seat along with the arms slowly raises you up, so you can stand. They are by far the most expensive of the recliner types and will need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. They are suitable for those suffering from physical disabilities and injuries that limit mobility.

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