Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For Back Pain

Ever since ergonomics in the workplace became a major topic, furniture manufacturers have been trying to develop the best chair for back pain. The result has been a lot of interesting approaches, but still no definitive, consensus answer.

The back is one of the most complex and delicate parts of the body. Back pain can develop in a number of ways. There are the obvious ones, like repeated heavy lifting. However, there are many ways that aren’t so obvious, but are equally serious. Back pain that results from improper sitting is one of the biggest causes.


Importance On Finding The Best Chair For Back Pain

People usually don’t immediately associate sitting with back pain; and hence, don’t worry about finding the best chair for back pain. However,  in reality, the act of sitting is perhaps the most common cause of back pain in modern society. People are spending more and more time sitting as lifestyles become more sedentary and work life becomes more office based, so it stands to reason that any problem associated with sitting is also becoming more common.

The reason why sitting can lead to back pain is that most people are sitting in chairs that do not provide support that is sufficient to prevent pain. Non-ergonomic chairs are only suitable for short-term use, but the reality of work life is that very few of us have the luxury of getting up for 15 minute breaks every 15 minutes. Inevitably, we have no choice but to spend a lot of time in our chairs, and if our chairs aren’t designed to prevent pain, then pain will happen.

Why Ergonomic Chairs Are The Best Chair For Back Pain

Ergonomic chairs work to prevent pain in a number of ways. Most importantly, they allow users to adjust them in a multitude of areas, so that it’s possible to find a good fit regardless of your body type or sitting preferences. They also have features that adapt and conform to the user’s body, providing superior comfort and relieving sitting-related stress. Ergonomic chairs will also promote good posture and allow you to work freely without putting an undue amount of strain on any part of your body.

By using chairs that are especially designed for back problems, you will allow your back to fall into the correct position. Apart from just the sheer comfort factor, these chairs will give you ergonomic support in the areas most needed. Just like fitting shoes to your own personal foot shape, a chair needs to fit your body – most especially if you have sciatica or lower back pain

How to choose the best ergonomic chairs for back pain

An ergonomic office chair need to have some features and adjustability options. The idea is to buy a chair that is perfect for your height, body weight and work habits.

Here are the some of features that an ergonomic office chair should have:

Adjustable seat height

The chair you buy should have height adjustable features. This will allow you to sit correctly with your feet flat on the floor, thighs horizontal and your arms at the same position of your desk.

Right seat width and depth

Choose the chair that have seat pan that is wide enough to fit you comfortably. Optimally, the width of the seat should be between 17 and 20 inches whereas the depth of the seat should be such that a person can sit in the chair with his or her back aligned with the backrest.

Also, the distance between your knees and the front of the chair should be about 2 but not more than 4 inches. Ergonomic chairs also allows you to adjust the recline angle of the back rest in accordance with your requirements.

Tilt Control

The angle of your seat back is crucial factor when choosing the right chair for back pain. Since the office chair you buy most likely not ideal for your body right out of the box, a good ergonomic chair should have features to adjust the tilt the backrest.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is also one of the most vital features offered by an ergonomic chair. Every human being possesses a lumbar spine that needs support while an individual is sitting down. If you continue to sit for excessive periods of time without catering to the support requirements of your lower spine then you will find yourself suffering from terrible back pains. The chair should have both vertical and depth adjustment.


As you might now have understood that “adjustable” features are key in any ergonomic chair, and armrests are no exception. The armrests should, at a minimum, be height adjustable. It should allow your arms to comfortably rest with shoulders relaxed. Some ergonomic office chairs have a pivoting arm that allows the sitter to better position the arms for support while typing.

Fabric and Padding

The best ergonomic chairs have well padded seats. A breathable cloth fabric or mesh is preferable to a harder surface but you might like to try a few different types to see which you personally prefer.


Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in UK 2021

Not all ergonomic chairs are created equal, though, and some may be more suitable for you than others. Here are what we consider to be the candidates for the best chair for back pain from a general standpoint, meaning that they are suitable to the most people possible.

Herman Miller Aeron

Best Office chairThe Aeron features a special mesh material in the seat and back, providing good comfort and the best breathability around. The Aeron helpfully comes in three different sizes, which helps to increase its accessibility to small, medium, and large people alike.

Humanscale Freedom

best ergonomic chairsThe Freedom stands out as being particularly good for reducing back pain because not only does it perform well in all of the ways in which ergonomic chairs are judged, but it also provides an extra dimension of comfort and functionality that can’t be found with all models. Specifically, the Freedom is great for reclining; you can recline as far back as you’d like, and the ergonomic headrest ensures that you can continue to have a direct line of sight to your desk.

The Steelcase Leap

ergonomic chair 2021Simply put, the Leap does everything well, and it does the most important thing – adjusting – better than any other chair out there. We think the Leap is the best chair for back pain because it can be adjusted to just about anyone’s preferences, and therefore provides comfort and ergonomics to even more people than other high-end chairs do.

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