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Coffee is something that we can hardly resist having when we don’t have any motivation to stay awake. In fact, it is the first thing that we want when we open our eyes in the morning. Coffee is not just a brewed drink made from cute little brown seeds; it is the soul food for many like us to keep going all through the day.

Coffee is a helpful stimulant that can keep us charged and energetic to work enthusiastically. Around eighty countries in Asia, Africa, South and Central America and the Caribbean grow coffee. Coffee can be prepared by anyone depending on the individual tastes and requirements.

Coffee is not just a delectable drink but is full of many health benefits and these make it a superb drink for us. There are a number of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients in coffee that can prove to be valuable for our health. It can help you in becoming smarter and can increase energy levels by making you feel less tired as contains caffeine, world’s most commonly consumed psychoactive substance.

Caffeine may even help you in burning fat. A person, who takes one cup of coffee in a day, has lesser risks of developing diabetes in comparison to the person who has never had the beverage. Having a cup of coffee can even make you happier as it is capable of fighting depression. From heart to liver, coffee has amazing effects on your body helping you live a longer life.

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Types of Coffee

The art of drinking and making coffee has been varying since ages. People from different parts of the world like to have their coffee their own way, unique and amazing. Luckily, with the advancements in the technology and living standards, one can try all the types of coffee at one single place.

There are countless types of coffee that people from different parts of the world have, but the most popular of them all are:
Best Espresso Machine in UK

  1. Espresso
  2. Cappuccino
  3. Americano
  4. Caffe Latte
  5. Caf Au Lait
  6. Caf Mocha (Mochaccino)
  7. Caramel Macchiato

Here are the seven most popular coffee drinks that will boost you with energy.

  1. Espresso

    Espresso is the foundation of a wide variety of coffee drinks. This strong black coffee is prepared at a high pressure by forcing boiling water and steam through a compressed bed of dark-roast aromatic coffee beans in an espresso machine. It can be recognised by thick & golden-brown foam on the surface.

  2. Cappuccino

    This is the most common coffee type that can be easily found at any corner of the world. It is prepared using milk froth, steamed milk and espresso. Its delish flavours and richness make it a perfect luxurious drink. The foam of the coffee is higher than the height of the cup and is visible from the side of the cup.

  3. Americano

    It is made with a single shot of espresso mixed with a cup of hot water in order to keep the flavour, texture and body of the drip coffee for Americans. The ratio of milk is kept the least in this so as to enjoy the perfect taste of from the espresso. It has become a creamy & rich espresso-based coffee in many parts of the world.

  4. Caffe Latte

    The coffee is the combination of three parts of freshly steamed milk to a single shot of espresso served in a tall glass. This gives you a high-end milk coffee experience. Sugar can also be added to the latte matching your taste accompanied with some saccharine cookies, cake slices or even fresh Italian bread.

  5. Caf Au Lait

    It is a French drink that is very similar to caffe latte except the fact that its uses brewed coffee instead of espresso. The delicious coffee can be prepared using brewed coffee with steamed milk in a 1:1 ratio. You may also add sugar to it as per your taste.

  6. Caf Mocha (Mochaccino)

    This is a variation of cappuccino or a caffe latte that is served with added chocolate powder or syrup. Its taste may vary from person to person who prepares it. Some grated chocolate or cocoa powder can be used to top it just like a ‘cap’. Even, whipped cream can be used to garnish it.

  7. Caramel Macchiato

    Different coffee houses prepare it differently. But generally, it is prepared with the combination of foamed milk, espresso and caramel and a little of steamed milk can also be used. For that amazing extra flavour, vanilla is also added to it. Sugar can also be added but before adding it, taste it as it can already be very sweet.

Coffee Maker

best coffee maker 2021 UK

A coffee maker or a coffee machine is the appliance that helps you in brewing the best coffee to treat your taste buds. There are a large number of coffee machines that differ in the ways they use to brew coffee. Coffee makes our mornings the most palatable and the coffee maker used to make it obviously needs to be the best.

With the new advancements in lifestyle and technology, the demands for the attractive coffee brewing machines also raised leading to the inventions of different types of brewing machines. The main task that a coffee maker does is brew coffee for you. More the convenience, the expensive it would be. And remember, the quality of the brew does not at all depend on the cost of the machine.

In general, a coffee maker consists of a paper or metal filter inside a funnel used to place the coffee grounds and a glass or ceramic coffee pot. A coffee maker makes your life a lot easier as you don’t need to put in much of your labour to get the best coffee in the morning. All you need is a coffee machine that does that all for you.

Types of Coffee Maker

For your different tastes of coffee, there are different types of coffee machines or coffee makers. The choice of the coffee makers completely depends upon the choice of coffee you like to have. To satisfy your taste buds, you may pick up the best coffee maker for you from the market.

Keeping all these things in mind will help you selecting the best coffee maker for you. Here are the different coffee makers that you can consider to buy:

  1. Single Cup Coffee Makers
  2. Drip Coffee Makers
  3. Cappuccino and Espresso Machines
  4. French Press
  5. Percolators
  6. Pour-over coffee makers or Handblown Glass Coffeemaker
  7. Vacuum Coffeemaker
  8. Thermal Coffee Maker
  9. Moka Pot

Brewing coffee might be a regular morning task for you or might be a task that needs to be done precisely and perfectly. You may choose any out of these on the basis of your choice and requirements.
Types of coffee machine

  1. Single Cup Coffee Makers
    The single cup coffee maker is the perfect choice for you if you want to brew a single cup of coffee without facing any much hassle. Along with these, you might require buying single-serve K-Cups or Pods depending on the design of the machine. If it uses K-Cups, you won’t be able to use Pods and vice-versa.
    The K-Cups and the Pods are designed specifically to fit in a specific type of coffee maker. This type of coffee machine is perfect for small households where the number of coffee drinkers is quite less. These use an efficient and fast process of brewing.
  2. Drip Coffee Makers
    This one is the most common type of coffee maker used over the globe. All you need to do is put some water in the reservoir and ground coffee in a paper filter, as soon as you will switch on the device, your coffee would be ready. The additional point that gives it an extra point is a timer in it for the automatic brewing.
    The glass carafes are placed on a hot plate that keeps the coffee hot. The hot water is forced to go through the coffee filter that contains coffee grounds or beans. You can even set the programmable Drip Coffee Maker to make coffee for you the next morning.
  3. Cappuccino and Espresso Machines
    To have a more exciting coffee drinking experience, getting a Cappuccino or an Espresso Machine is a perfect idea. There are different types of Cappuccino and Espresso Machines that you may choose as per requirement like Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker or Pump Espresso Maker or a Fully Super Automatic Espresso Maker.
    These coffee makers can use any type of ground coffee and can get you as many espresso shots. You can even make two different shots at a time or one double shot.
  4. French Press
    It is the simplest type of coffee maker that is preferred by many coffee lovers. It uses relatively simple and old techniques of brewing coffee that makes it a favourite of many. The best part of these is that these don’t need electricity to operate and are actually very inexpensive.
    This is basically the best coffee maker for the ones who like to brew their coffee on their own. It has remained the same over the years despite all the new advancements and technologies.
  5. Coffee Percolators
    A coffee percolator constantly brews coffee by cycling the boiling water through the coffee grounds and the process utilizes gravity in order to reach the preferred strength. The small chamber at the bottom of the percolator is placed near a heat source.
    The top chamber of the percolator is for keeping the ground coffee and the water is slid into the water chamber. It is best for making strong coffee or dark roast coffee. It is available in a number of sizes.
  6. Pour-over Coffee Makers or Handblown Glass Coffeemaker
    These coffee makers give you the complete control of making your coffee. The coffee maker is simple to use. You only have to place a filter on the top of the glass vessel, and then add ground coffee and in the end, hot water is to be poured over the coffee grinds.
    You can make your coffee according to you by adjusting the temperature of the water, by using different kinds of ground coffee and even using your own timing and technique for brewing. Its thick glass adds a completely new flavour to your coffee.
  7. Vacuum Coffeemaker
    This coffee machine uses new and exclusive techniques of preparing coffee. It is also called Vac pot or siphon coffee maker by many. It is very alike to the Italian stove-top espresso maker. These are sure to give you delicious coffee but the process may take some time and you may have to keep patience.
    It comes with a stove burner. Water is forced from the lower chamber to the upper chamber containing coffee grounds. When the heat is taken away, the cooked coffee gets filtered via a filter into the bottom chamber to be served. This method is very efficient as it extracts all the essential oils for a perfect cup of coffee.
  8. Thermal Coffee Maker
    It contains an insulated carafe making it different from the other coffee makers. In this, the coffee is directly in the Thermal carafe where the right temperature of the coffee is maintained for a really long time keeping the aroma and taste of the coffee alive.
    It is always a great choice to choose the thermal coffee makers over the normal coffee makers so as to not adjust with the perfect taste and aroma of the brewed coffee.
  9. Moka Pot
    The Moka Pot contains three chambers for the grounded coffee, water and finished brewed coffee. These use the combination of Espresso and percolator coffee makers. It is one of the most commonly used the stove top espresso makers in the world.
    The bottom chamber is filled with water and heated there. After being heated, the water travels through the middle chamber containing the coffee grounds and then, to the final top chamber to give you espresso in less than a minute

In the nutshell, there are a huge number of coffee makers or machines used in different types of the world. The choice is all yours now, which one you would like to buy. All of these will do the same thing, i.e. provide you with a delicious cup of coffee by using different techniques.

Five Factors to Consider when choosing your coffee maker

When shopping for the best coffee maker to buy, you should think about your personal preferences and drinking habits. Things like how many cups you want to make in single brew, how much automation you want the machine to have or frequency of coffee drinking. All these things play a big part in determining the best coffee machine that is suited to your coffee drinking habits. Below are 5 factors you should be thinking about before rushing in to buy a coffee maker.

How Many Cups Do You Need To Make?

If you only need a single cup of coffee to kick-start your day or first thing when you get up, then you really only need to get a one-cup or two-cup drip coffee brewer or single-serve pod machine as you will more than likely use a lot less coffee compared to full-size versions. On the other hand, if you love more than 2 cups during the day, then go for a larger coffee machine. The majority of the bigger brewers will make up to half a dozen cups with 12 cup coffee makers along with 10 cup coffee makers being the most popular. It’s important to be careful of some brands or models as one cup is counted as a very small 4 ounces so in actual fact you getting a machine with much smaller cup capacity.

How Long Between Serving Cups?

If you have a lot of coffee serves that are a spread out over the course of a day, then you should look for a model type that has either an insulated mug or carafe. A thermal carafe coffee maker will keep your brew hot and fresh in taste for many hours.

Do You Need Automation?

Having to fill up or even turn on the coffee machine first thing in the morning is a little too much for those non-morning type of people. So if you fit that bill, then you should be looking at coffee makers that have automatic on/off switch. If you are on the go and rushing out the door to work in the morning having an auto “off” feature is going to be essential.

Level of Convenience

You should also be buying a coffee machine that has a design that makes the machine easy to use and maintain. So this includes things like intuitive user controls, a water tank that indicates how much water you’ve put in and a swing-out water filter that’s easy to clean and use. Also think about bench top space – is the machine going to fit in your kitchen? The really big and expensive machines can poke out a foot or more but if you have a machine with side-mounted controls allows you to shift the machine to the side so that you don’t occupy as much space.

You’ll want a clearly marked water reservoir so that you can see how much water you’re putting in, a swing-out filter basket that’s easy to use and clean, and simple, intuitive controls. Don’t forget to factor in counter space. Some expensive coffee machines stick out about a foot, but side-mounted controls mean that you can turn your coffee maker sideways to occupy less space.

Do You Need to make Espressos?

Because making espressos is done by a completely different process, which involves hot water being forced through a very finely packed grounded coffee. This is something a standard coffee maker can’t do – therefore you are going to need an espresso machine that is a basic 2 chambered system or a fully automatic espresso maker.

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