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A basal body thermometer is a delicate thermometer that tracks your body’s exact temperature. It is very sensitive thermometer that is designed to measure even the small change in temperature, helping a woman to track slight temperature changes during ovulation. Basal thermometer comes in both mercury based glass thermometer as well as digital. But a digital thermometer is your best bet, as it reads the temperature more rapidly compare to glass based mercury thermometer.

Charting Your Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

Charting y our basal body temperature is not very difficult as many women thinks, in fact its quiet easy if you have proper knowledge and you are punctual to record your BBT regularly. By charting your BBT (basal body temperature) you can understand your menstrual cycle more better. If you are not aware what BBT is, its actually the body temperature of a person at rest. It is the body temperature that is measured under the condition, that is not influenced by any food, drink and activities.

Wh ile charting your BBT you need to record temperature very accurately. And for this you need basal body thermometer that records temperature with the accuracy of 0.05c. A basal thermometer is a very delicate thermometer that can record your body’s exact temperature at rest. When you buy this thermometer you will get a kit that include clear grid. These graphs may have break for you to single Pre-menstrual Syndrome symptoms (PMS). At the top of the graph are marked the number of days of your menstrual cycle from 1-40, but you can add more days if you want to.

Underneath each round day you write the month and actual calendar year. Vertically listed are temperatures from 99.4-97.0 degrees F. Each morning, before you get out of bed, you will want to take your temperature orally (you can take the temperature vaginally, but orally is more accurate) and chart it on the table. The graph will not be accurate unless you take your temperature the same time every morning.

After ovulation, your temperature rises between 0.36 and 0.9 degrees F (0.2 and 0.5 degrees C). After doing about three charts, you should look for a very clear indication of ovulation, which will help you time prospective intercourse and tell you whether you are ovulating regularly. However, this sense will not tell you when to have intercourse, since the temperature does not levitate until after ovulation. Do not make the mistake of planning intercourse around this chart. The idea of the chart is to help you plot potential intercourse and help you in observing your own individual fertility plan.

If you want to know upfront of time when you are ovulating, then this scheme is not for you. Ovulation kits and monitors are best for pre-ovulation detection. The next bet is to have your surgeon execute blood tests to curb your hormonal levels, or do an endometrial biopsy, a process that determines whether you are ovulating or have a hormonal imbalance.

Best Basal Digital Thermometers in UK 2021

ProductFeaturesRating (Out of 5)Buying Option
Femometer - Oral Basal Body Temperature BBT Thermometerr
Centigrade Digital Basal Thermometer

  • Highly accurate

  • Auto syncs your BBT via Bluetooth

  • Calculates and corrects missing or abnormal data by machine learning technology

4.5Buy On Amazon
Best Health Digital Thermometer
Best Health Digital Thermometer

  • SAFE and COMFORTABLE reading of BASAL body temperature for ovulation and BBT featuring

  • RAPIDLY MEASURE kids, infants, adults and animals FOUR TIMES FASTER than conventional competitors

  • FLEXIBLE tip and WATERPROOF design

4.3Buy On Amazon
BabyMad Basal Thermometer
BabyMad® Basal Thermometer

  • Easy to read liquid Crystal display, Mercury free

  • Fast Measurement time, Memory Function

  • Thermometer provides temperature readings to 1/100th of a degree

  • Also includes 30 x Ovulation Test Strips

4.2Buy On Amazon
Basal Body Thermometer- BBT-113 by iProvèn
asal Body Thermometer- BBT-113 by iProvèn

  • Highly ACCURATE 1/100 degree reading BBT Thermometer specially designed for Basal Body Temperature

  • LAST temperature memory: Take temp with sleepy head- Put aside- snooze- Record temperature on your BBT-chart LATER

  • Long battery life

4.3Buy On Amazon
Geon Basal Thermometer
Geon/ Home Health Centigrade Digital Ovulation Basal Thermometer

  • Basal Centigrade thermometer reading to 2 decimal places

  • Free BBT chart

  • Digital thermometer reads to 2 decimal places

4.0Buy On Amazon
Geratherm Basal Digital
Geratherm Basal Digital

  • High accuracy: +/- 0.01 °C - Precise to 2 decimal places

  • Free BBT chart

  • Ability to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit

  • Memory Function, Rubbery flexible tip, Discreet beep when peak temperature is reached

4.0Buy On Amazon
Fertilaid Basal Digital Thermometer
Fertilaid Basal Digital Thermometer

  • Certified accuracy to 1/10th of a degree

  • Indicator with sound when peak temperature is recorded

  • Clear display with easy to read text

4.2Buy On Amazon

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