Best Baby Wipes of 2021

What makes the best baby wipes? How do you differentiate good and bad baby wipes? With the many brands claiming to provide baby wipes with natural ingredients and for sensitive skin, knowing which wipes to choose becomes hard for parents.

This is why I did all the work for you to ensure that you get the best. I tested and researched for different types of baby wipes and hereby present you my top seven reviews.

What makes the best baby wipes? How do you differentiate good and bad baby wipes? With the many brands claiming to provide baby wipes with natural ingredients and for sensitive skin, knowing which wipes to choose becomes hard for parents.

Best Baby Wipes Reviews In UK 2021

If you are looking for great brands of wipes for your baby’s sensitive skin, here’s a list of the best baby wipes you can choose.

#1: Water Wipes Sensitive Baby Wipes

Best Baby Wipes UK
This is one of the best organic baby wipes for newborn babies. While other wipes contain chemical elements, this one contains 99% water. It is considered hypoallergenic; therefore, the wipe will not cause any rashes or irritations on your baby’s skin. Additionally, it has been approved for use by the National Eczema Association.

Adults with sensitive skin or eczema can use it too. Also this baby wipes does not cause irritation because it is alcohol and fragrance-free.

What I liked
A great thing about it is that it is wet enough to be used as a quick wash. Its hypoallergenic features make it a great choice for all skin types. This makes the Water Wipes the best baby wipes for a very sensitive skin. This is because it also does not contain any alcohol, chemicals or additives. You can also use the wipes on any body part or when weaning.
What I did not like
Since the baby wipes are 99% water, it can feel really cold and wet on first contain with your baby’s warm skin. This can make your baby uncomfortable and feel a bit of a chill. These wipes are not flushable. Only 20% of the material is biodegradable hence we dispose them in a trash bin after use.

#2: Pampers sensitive baby wipes

Best Baby Wipes UK 2021
A gentle wipe for your baby’s sensitive skin. It is hypoallergenic and perfume free hence the best chemical free baby wipes. Designed with a soft grip texture, these wipes offer gentle touch on your baby’s skin.

What I liked
I love how soft they are. My baby has very sensitive skin and can easily get a diaper rash. I like that I can use them on my baby even when they have a diaper rash.

It is hypoallergenic and does not have any added chemicals meaning you are not likely to get irritations. You can, therefore, use it on any body part.

What I did not like
Some come with a plastic stick top instead of a plastic flip back. This means air can get in and slowly dry out the wipes if they are not closed properly.

#3: Huggies Baby Wipes Pure

Best Baby Wipes UK 2021
Huggies baby wipes are more thicker and stronger than any other wipes, which makes it the best wipes when cleaning the mess without tearing it up. Recognized by British Skin Foundation, this baby wipes consist of skin freindly natural fibres that can be safely use for your newborn.

What I liked
I like the pleasant smell and are quiet easy to use in cleaning the mess. It has its own wipes case that I absolutely love since it helps retain the wipes moisture.

Since the wipe is hypoallergenic and does not have any added chemicals meaning you are not likely to get irritations. You can, therefore, use it on any body part.

What I did not like
Huggies baby wipes are not as wet or moist compare to pampers, which sometimes can feel a little rough on the baby skin. But they are great for scooping up messes and a quick wipe.

#4: Boogie Wipes Soft Natural Saline Wet Tissues

Best Baby Wipes UK 2021
An unscented wipe designed for kids and babies with sensitive noses. The Boogie wipes have been incorporated with chamomile and aloe vera to soothe and moisturize skin. These wipes are considered a great choice when your kids have flu. They provide an alternative to using dry wipes and saline drops. This is because it has added a saline compound which will help clear stuffy noses.

What I liked
These wipes are very useful when you have the flu. The natural saline compound that has been added to it helps clear a stuffy nose and relieve congestion and colds. Boogers often dissolve in the saline. The wipes also have Vitamin E and chamomile to help with itching and discomfort of a runny nose. Kids will love using it to soothe sensitive noses.
What I did not like
The Boogie wipes are mostly useful for stuffy noses, colds, and flu and may not be used on all body parts so as to avoid irritation. It contains ingredients and additives which may cause skin irritations.

#5: Babyganics Hand Sanitizing Individual Packet Wipes

Best Baby Wipes UK 2021
Unlike other wipes that are packed together, these wipes are individually packed. This prevents dryness and ensures moisture levels are intact. The Babyganics hand sanitizers contain natural fragrances such as Peel Oil, Triethyl Citrate, Citrarusgrandis, and others. Some of the natural inactive ingredients include water and glycine.

What I liked
A great tool against germs, designed to kill 99% of germs. It is alcohol and fragrance-free hence it has no strong scents to irritate your nose. It can be used by kids because it is pediatrician and dermatologist tested. The individual packing is a great feature especially when you are out and about. It comes in a small size so you can easily carry it in your pocket.
What I did not like
Some of the ingredients and additives may be a bit harsh to use on very sensitive body parts and on newborn skin’s. The Babyganics wipes are small in size and it may require you to use two or three if you want to wipe other body parts.

#6: Clean Leader 100% Natural Newborn Baby Wipes

Best Baby Wipes 2021
You can try these wipes if your kid has sensitive skin. They are packaged as 2 packs of 50 counts and are extra soft. I find this to be one of the safest baby wipes to use because it is also recommended for medical use.

They are large in size hence can be used for a variety of functions.

What I liked
These wipes are quite large and can even be cut to form a smaller size. The large size is great to clean the baby from head to toe or clean up a big a mess. A unique thing about the Clean Leader wipes is that they are dry and are very absorbent. You can also use the wipes to apply cleansers when cleaning your face. Another great thing is that the wipes are hygienic and can be used for medical purposes such as to clean or bind wounds.
What I did not like
Since it is dry it requires the use of water of wipe formulas if you need to wet something as you wipe it.

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Important things to check when buying baby wipes

using baby wipesTo make it easier for you to pick the best baby wipes, here are some things to consider when buying.


Babies have sensitive skin. When buying baby wipes, look for something with a smooth texture so that it does not irritate your baby’s skin.


Look out for natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera. Water wipes are also the safest wipes for your baby. This is because they contain no additives or chemicals so they are safe for you and your baby.

Skin Sensitivity

Does your baby have a sensitive skin? This means that you cannot use any baby wipes without considering the baby’s skin sensitivity. To be on the safe side, I always look for hypoallergenic wipes. These wipes are dermatological tested and even someone with Eczema may be able to use them.

Quality and Thickness

Thick wipes are good for the baby. During diaper changes, the thicker the wipes, the better. This helps you avoid getting messy hands.


Some wipes are individually packed meaning every wipe is packed separately. These are great in case you need to carry just a few pieces with you. Some wipes come with a plastic flip back cap that lets you open and closes it easily. Others have a peal back seal which I do not recommend since the glue can wear off and leave your wipes to dry out.


Choosing the best baby wipes should not trouble you after reading my reviews. Wipes that are perfumed or scented may contain chemical elements that may irritate your baby’s skin. I recommend wipes that are more natural such as water wipes.

These wipes are the safest choice for your baby because they will not cause any irritation. For diapers, choose the size that will be comfortable and snuggly fit on your baby. Look out for elastic bands that will keep the diaper in place and prevent leakage.

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