Benefits of Using Right Pregnancy Pillows

Most people don’t realize the fact that pregnancy pillows are important to use during pregnancy for a number of reasons. They help moms to get a good night sleep by helping them to get rid of all the aches and pains inside their body. It’s been observed that pregnant women experience lot of discomfort in neck, shoulders, belly, back, hips, legs, knees and ankles, which stops them from getting a good full night sleep.  The main use of a pregnancy pillow is to help mothers cope up with all these pregnancy challenges by giving them the comfort which they rightly deserve.

Is It Worth Buying a Pregnancy Pillow?

If you’re expecting and can’t get a good night’s sleep, finding the best body pillow for pregnant women is the best thing you can do. If you’re in the first few weeks of pregnancy and you still sleep well, it’s even better because you’ll be able to buy a great maternity pillow right before you’ll really need it!

Pregnant women might suffer from a number of ailments during the night. The most popular ones are: back pain and hip pain, but many women simply can’t find a convenient position during the night, so they twist and turn while trying to make themselves comfortable. That results in less sleep time which is one of the reasons of morning fatigue.

That’s why companies started to manufacture body pillows – very large pillows contoured in a specific way, so they can support whole body. Some of them are designed specifically for moms-to-be, others good for all the people. There are a few most popular shapes of those pillows: U-shaped and C-shaped. If you don’t sleep well at night, buying one of those pillows can be a game changer for you!

Benefits of A Pregnancy Body Pillow

  • These pregnancy body pillows are made out of soft foam and cotton a material that is very suitable to the tender condition of the body muscles and are made to ensure that the body feels relaxed and comforted by the use of such pillows.
  • A Pregnancy body pillow takes the shape of the body and the woman can lie down in various positions while taking and using the pillow as support to help alleviate backaches.
  • There are various sizes of these pillows
  • These pillows can be used in any trimester but are specially suited for the last round of pregnancy and prior to delivery
  • There are no specifications as to the use of these pillows
  • These can be used anytime of the day and also during the night
  • These pillows can be used even after the delivery or post pregnancy

Tips On How To Relieve And Avoid Pregnancy Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain during pregnancy can vary from woman to woman.  Some woman are lucky and don’t have that much back pain, others sometimes feel sharp and unbearable back pains at times, which makes it hard to sleep.

To help relieve lower back pain you can try sitting in a warm bath or applying a warm pack directly to the area in pain, this will help relax the muscles and ligaments related to causing the pain.

During the night if your back pain persists you can buy the total body pregnancy pillow and tuck it between your knees this will help support your back, neck, legs and body so that it take the stress off your muscles.

Pregnancy Tips: How To Sleep Comfortably When Pregnant

If you are in the early stages of pregnancy you can help avoid maternity pains by exercising and strengthening your abdominal and lower back muscles so when you are towards the end of your pregnancy your body will have better support therefore lessening back pain.

Overall if you experience back pain it means your muscles are straining due to the bodies changes during the pregnancy stages.  Strengthening lower back muscles, sitting up straight and wearing proper footwear (comfortable tennis shoes) will help avoid common pains later in the pregnancy.

Heated compresses, warm baths and a good pregnancy body pillow will help to relax and support your muscles throughout the maternity stages alleviating common pregnancy back pains.

Budget for Pregnancy Support Pillow

The prices of best maternity pillows range from as low as £14 to over £100. One of the cheap maternity pillow comes from “Hometex”, which can be bought from Amazon in just £15. On the other hand, a high quality expensive pillow almost costs £110 with a descent rating. Most of the best rated body pillow fall in between £30 to £90. The prices of these pillows are based upon a number of factors such as brand, material quality, size and other attributes. When choosing any pillow, it’s best to read the customer reviews to establish an opinion about the product. A high quality pillow may cost you a bit extra like £15 to £30 but you would be able to use it even after pregnancy. This will deliver perfect value for your money!

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