5 Steps To Increase Chest Size By 2 Inches

Mondays at the gym are national chest day, a bigger holiday then Christmas. All the free weight benches are taken and the squat racks are like a desert island.

Problem is that most of the people hogging the benches seem to never increase chest size. They all have chest as flat as the gym wall.

Are you frustrated with your chest development? Has your chest seem to have made no significant progress in the past couple of weeks?

These 5 tips will be a sure fire way to grow your chest.

1. Use barbell movements

bench press barbell
Barbell movements are king for mass because they allow you to lift more weight and more weight stimulates more muscle fibers.

Think about it logically if you’re trying to grow your chest and your using dumbbells and your able to use the 100’s for a couple of sets, that’s only 200lbs of resistance on the chest.

Whereas if you did a barbell movement that same person could use 255lbs on a flat bench. If your goal is to increase chest size in the shortest time possible I would stick with mostly barbell movements.

The only time I recommend dumbbell movements is after you have already done most of your heavy benching

2. Increase your frequency

Lifting weight is a skill, most people forget that. In order to get better at lifting weights you have to do it more frequently.

Michael Jordan didn’t become the best basketball player shooting baskets once per week. 24-48 hours after a workout is more than enough time to recover.

Any longer than that and you miss an opportunity for growth. By increasing your frequency you are also increasing your overall workout volume.

More volume equals more muscle growth.

3. Start tracking your workouts

Would you travel cross country with no gps? No, so why would you workout with no plan. You need to begin approaching your body as a science experiment.

The more detailed notes you have on yourself the better your overall results will be. In addition to that you will begin to learn what works for your body and what doesn’t.

Tracking your weights also helps you to be progressive with your programming. No one’s body wants to add muscle to their frame; we have to work hard for every ounce of muscle we gain.

The way we tell our body to gain muscle is to be progressive with our weight training. You should always strive to add more weight to the bar, more reps; more sets or even improve your form.

These are all ways to be progressive with your program. With properly tracking your workouts you will know where you ended your last workout and where you can begin the next one.

4. Make sure you’re in a caloric surplus

80% of your results will come directly from your nutrition. If you are looking to gain muscle size you must be in a caloric surplus (a state of eating more calories than your body burns).

You will gain absolutely zero muscle size if you are not eating enough. There are no magical foods; your body only sees protein, carbs, fats, calories, vitamins, amino acids, etc.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to eat certain foods to get results. It all boils down to your calorie intake. To determine your calorie intake, honestly write down everything you eat for 3 days.

Add the total calories consumed each day together and divide the remaining number by 3. This will give you your average calorie intake. Follow this average calorie intake number for a week and weigh yourself.

If you gain no weight add 200 calories and wait another week. You want to get to the point that you are gaining .5-1lb every week.

5. Cut back on other body parts

The goal is to increase chest size; it is wise to cut back your volume on your other stronger bodyparts to allow for extra recovery.

We are taking priority to put all extra effort toward growing our chest. If your arms are a strong point they will require less overall work then your chest will.

Scale back the volume on all your strong bodyparts by 10-15%.

Don’t worry about your bodyparts shrinking, since these bodyparts are strong points they will most likely maintain their current size.

If you notice them shrinking too much you can add the volume back in.

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