10 Nursing Essentials for New Moms

Nursing ain’t easy. It takes a lot out of you-emotionally and physically. It is so important for you & your baby to be comfortable so that you can both enjoy these precious moments. These 10 nursing essentials will help with that and make your life so much easier!

Disclosure: Some of these are affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you purchase through my link at no extra cost to you. I personally use all of these items and would never recommend anything that I do not love myself!

My 10 Nursing Essentials

1.Boppy pillow

I talked about my love for my Boppy, but it is for sure a nursing essential! The Boppy Pillow helps to free up your hands, making you and baby more comfortable! I recommend getting a Boppy with a soft fabric like this Luxe Whale/Chevron pattern. The whale side is so soft and it is reversible with a cute chevron pattern on the back!

2. Nipple Shields

It’s a love/hate relationship with these guys, but overall it’s love. After some latching difficulties early on,  the lactation consultant at the hospital gave me a nipple shield & it worked! The nipple shield saved our nursing relationship & for that I am forever grateful. Pack one in your hospital bag in case your hospital does not supply them, just in case you have latching difficulties.

Around the time my son turned three months he was able to latch on without the shield, so we have parted ways with our beloved shield. I still miss it some days- you know, when my nips are bruised and incredibly sore. I never had that problem when using the shield. But a big positive about not having to use the shield is that it cuts down on nursing times pretty drastically. What once took about 45 minutes per nursing session now takes 30 minutes at the most. That’s more time to play with my babe and that extra time is priceless

I want to say this to shield users out there- don’t be ashamed of using the shield and don’t worry about how long you use it for. If you have to use one the entire time you are breastfeeding- there is nothing wrong with that! If anything, shield users deserve a medal- it’s a lot of work to keep up with those things & clean them. And you might just be working on getting ready to put it on one day and find your babe latched on without it!

I really loved my Medela Contact Nipple Shield, which has a cut out for baby’s nose so that you can have skin to skin contact.

3. Water bottle

Nursing makes you ravenous and incredibly thirsty. A {like you’re in the middle of the desert} kind of thirsty. I ALWAYS  have my water handy. There is nothing worse than getting into your chair, getting baby positioned and latched on and realizing you don’t have your water bottle handy. Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a super cute water bottle and deem it YOUR “nursing bottle”. Baby can’t have this bottle 🙂 Have it with you at all times.

4. Nursing bras

You will want to get a few comfortable nursing bras. My favorite is the Medela Nursing Bra. It’s very comfortable & I really like that it is padded. Those nursing headlights are always on!

5. Lanolin

Nursing nips aren’t pretty, ya’ll! Sometimes I think my child is part vampire. This cream really moisturizes and protects your nipples. I try to apply it after each nursing session. I can definitely tell a difference when I get lazy and do not apply it. Use it & use it generously!

6. Snacks

Nursing really makes you hungry! I seriously think I could eat all day- not that I couldn’t before :/ Have some healthy snacks within reach of your breastfeeding station in case you get hungry. And trust me, you will.

7. Roku & Netflix

Find a good TV series to watch- I recommend The Blacklist, The Office, Homeland, & Modern Family. You will be surprised at how quickly you can watch a series. Nursing takes time- a lot of time. Have a snack, watch your favorite show and relax with your babe. Bonus- no commercials!

8. Nursing poncho

I started out with a nursing scarf which I thought was really cool because I could actually wear it and it was cute. But then I tried to use it and realized that it wasn’t as cute as I thought it was- it was exposing the sides of my stomach. And that, for me at least, is definitely not cute. So I splurged on a Nursing Poncho and it is love. So comfy, soft and covers me everywhere.

9. Nursing tanks

Nursing tanks are convenient and comfortable. I recommend using the two-shirt method when nursing in public. You wear a nursing tank under a regular shirt. Then, when you are ready to nurse you just lift the top shirt up and unlatch the nursing tank and you are basically completely covered. This technique is great for shy mamas – I am one! I haven’t quite mastered nursing in public. I usually nurse in a fitting room or in my car.

10. Rocking chair

A comfortable chair with cushy arms is key for nursing. You will be spending more time in this chair than in your bed sleeping. I recommend a cushy chair that has a back that sits up pretty straight, reclines and swivels.



I hope these 10 nursing essentials help you have a great nursing experience.

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